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The Contrarian Vision Group (CVG) is a privately owned Business Trust operated by its Trustees with offices in the USA and Australia. We enjoy global relationships and operate our business through strategic joint ventures around the world.

CVG is a private investment bank that sources both equity and debt investments for select entertainment industry projects.

CVG provides wrap around capital market transactional support for all entertainment industry project finance service needs.

CVG provides complete talent management services to select high value creative participants in the entertainment and related industries.

         Insightful Advice - Valued Opinion - Capital Market Know How

                                    Advancing Your Vision

Our depth of transactional experience and intellectual rigor make us a leading advisor and a trusted voice on all entertainment industry project finance and talent matters.

Entertainment Industry Financial Services Advisory, Management and Investment

                Globally Capable - Locally Specific


AUSTRALIA OFFICE                                                            USA OFFICE                       

Building 19 Fox Studios                                             177 North Crescent Drive

38 Driver Avenue                                                     Beverly Hills CA 90210

Moore Park Sydney NSW 2021                                    Tel  + 1 310 447 4209

Tel + 61 (0)2 9383 4590                                            Tel  + 1 310 382 7730


CVG is the marketing banner of the CV BUSINESS TRUST which is an Australian domiciled and registered Business Trust operated by its joint Trustees - Contrarian Vision Pty Ltd of Sydney Australia and Contrarian Vision LL.C of Nevada, USA.

The CV BUSINESS TRUST is registered for GST and has an ABN number, the respective Trustee operating entities are not registered for GST and do not have ABN numbers as they do not operate in any other business capacity other than as the full time exclusive trustees of the Contrarian Vision Business Trust.

Third parties dealing with Contrarian Vision Business Trust should note the liability of the respective Trustee entities nominated above and their directors and or managers is to the assets of the Contrarian Vision Business Trust.

Third parties entering into contractual relations with the Contrarian Vision Business Trust are hereby notified that the ability of the Trustees to bind the Contrarian Vision Business Trust under the terms of the Trust must be used jointly by the Trustees. Any arrangement that is not validated by the mutual and joint assent of the respective Trustees shall not bind the business trust legally unless later ratified by the Trustees jointly.