IN SOURCE is our CV Business Trust in house business affairs service platform.

Every entertainment industry transaction is driven by a creative vision and by an intimately related financial vision.

IN SOURCE is the program brand for our in house business affairs advisory management service under which we provide complete wrap around accounting, legal and financial consulting compliance support servicing. The goal is to provide studio quality business affairs expertise to entertainment projects at a reasonable cost to the transaction compared with other out sourcing alternatives. We do this by operating in house directly at the source level by the direct assumption of all business affairs matters inside the operating SPV (special purpose vehicle of company created to undertake the making of the entertainment project).

IN SOURCE is a program specifically designed to save project motivators valuable time, scarce intellectual capital and hard capital transaction costs involved in capital raising and related financial support compliances.

IN SOURCE is a program under which we take complete responsibility for the financial vision of an entertainment projects transactional execution from cradle to grave. Our program leaves creative principals free to focus on the actual knitting together of the creative elements that ultimately determine the overall economic future and value of the project.

IN SOURCE is a program that will save time, reduces stress, and minimizes financing costs. Few can match our depth of transactional expertise, the breadth of our entertainment business know-how or the global capability of our on the ground resource capability.

IN SOURCE involvement enhances any projects financial credibility whilst also reducing the likelihood of untimely delays and deal errors commonly caused by outsourcing.

IN SOURCE is a program that enables us to work with clients acting as the financial architects in relation to the entertainment project finance mission. We where appropriate work with outside accounting, legal and financial advisors. Where as entertainment industry professionals we can effectively control and monitor the scope, price and quality of their work. 

Savings in time and cost together with higher quality outcomes are generated by our involvement as a projects financial voice.

The value of this approach to lay people and or non-entertainment industry professionals comes in the significant deal benefits our industry specific expertise brings to fruition.

Staying focused on the bottom line while mitigating risk is a key to business success. Our IN SOURCE program facilitates an ability to focus on their core business activities without shifting focus onto the financial services business affairs aspects of their project.