We have over the last decade an extensive list of independent producer, studio and network clients here is a brief list of some the people we have and are currently working with.

LAKE SHORE             MRC            LIONS GATE          EXCLUSIVE MEDIA GROUP           

RELIANCE                  BBC             SONY                       WALDEN


DELUXE                      FOX             GRANADA             DISNEY

SCREEN TIME           NBC              UNIVERSAL          MGM

MANDALAY              POWER        ITV                          SCREEN AUSTRALIA

CVG Principals have been involved in more than 100 projects in the past five years concerning more than $1 BN. The following is not a complete list. The film and television productions mentioned are either completed or currently in production. The productions span a wide range of jurisdictions including USA, UK, FRANCE, AUSTRALIA, CANADA, CHINA, SINGAPORE, GERMANY, ITALY, SPAIN, BELGIUM, INDIA and NEW ZEALAND.  

CV is unique in that we know of no other financial services business that has been involved in such a wide range of budgets, types and or places of execution.

2013                                              2012    

Son of  a Gun                            Railway Man             The Fall               Emperor                          

Figaro                                        Hunger Games 2       Mrs Biggs            Final Hours

The  Dark Horse                        Paranoia                    The Stolen           Patrick

Word & Pictures                        NIMS Island 2          The Jungle         Worse Year of  Life

Callas                                        Tracks                       The Rover          The 2nd Coming  

Blood Sport                             Kung FU Panda       Wheat Street        Eco Warriors

                                                  My Mistress              The Mule            Predestination 

                                                  Healing                     Beyond Edge      Fisher Murders

                                                  Buzz Bumble            Red Fern Now    Seventh Son

 2011                                                        2010                                      2009

WALKING WITH DINOSAURS         BAIT 3 D                              ANIMAL KINGDOM  

TED                                                         THE TREE                           ARTIC BLAST

HUNGER GAMES.                                EYE OF THE STORM        BOYS BACK IN TOWN

KILLER ELITE.                                     BURNING MAN                 BRIGHT STAR

CITIES                                                    THE WAY BACK                BENEATH HIILL 60

DRIFT                                                      MEI, MEI                             SEA PATROL - 3

TOP OF THE LAKE                              BLAME                                SEA PATORL - 4

WOLF CREEK 2                                    HEART BEAT WAY         DEAD

MENTAL                                                 RED DOG                           GRIFF INVISIBLE

GODESS                                                  ORANGES SUNSHINE    GASP

BIG WHITE LIES                                  THE REEF                           BEAUTIFUL KATE

LORE                                                       ROAD TRAIN                    PRIMAL

STORM SURFERS                                ICE                                       PRIME MOVER

LAID                                                        ROAD TRAIN                   THE VENT

BAD KARMA                                         SWERVE                           TAMA

EVERY DAY THINGS                          THE CUP                           AT WORLDS END

THE STRAITS                                      TOMORROW WAR            PREDICAMENT

REAL FIGHT CLUB                             SNOW TOWN                    SUB DIVISION

SNEEZING PANADA                           DECADENCE                    THE CLINC

LAST DANCE                                       SEA PATROL                     STORM WORLD

GALLERY OF EVERY DAY               TRACKER                         MAD BASTARDS

HIDDEN UNIVERSE                            IRON SKY                         CHARLIE AND BOOTS

GREAT APES                                        SINGULARITY                 KINGS OF MYKONOS    

33 POST CARDS                                  THE HUNTER                    LAST RIDE           

DEAD EURPOE                                    A FEW BEST MEN            LOVE THE BEAST


The following artists and bands are some of those we have been involved in providing a range of financial services to in the last three years.

        2011                                                 2010                                2009

STEPHEN LAWLER                    VAN HELDEN                       SEAL

DAVID SEAMAN                          THE STOKES                        VAN HELDEN

BLACK MILK                                 LA ROUX                              HAPPY MONDAY 

CRAZY P                                          PAVEMENT                        BLACK KEYS

COCO ROSIE                                   KASSBIAN                          DERRIK CARTER

BUILD TO SPILL                           KISSY SELL OUT                NICK CAVE

INTERPOL                                      LYRICS BORN                     CUBAN BROS

THE NATIONAL                            DAVID SEAMAN                CICADA

FRENCH SOLER                           BEN FOLDS                          ADAM FREE LAND

KELLS RODGERS                         SHARON JONES                 OF MONTREAL

 FAITHLESS                                    CHASE STATUS                  LYRICS BORN

FAKE BLOOD                                 GIRL TALK                          DEAD MOUSE


DEREK CARTER                            GIPSY KINGS                      PENDULUM

DEAD PREZ                                     JAMES ZABELA                 FUTURE LEFT

NICK CAVE                                      DEAD PREZ                        TECH TRONIC

DEAD MOUSE                                MIGHTY FOOLS                  16 -BIT