In forming Contrarian Vision our principals Timothy Driver and Brett Thornquest had the unique vision to create a different kind of business. One that combines the highest levels of advisory and management expertise with the core competency of a private equity focused investment bank.

The entertainment industry project finance sector is a challenging business environment. One demanding the highest levels of transactional know how and business competency.

CVG has primary offices in Australia and the USA, with strategic partners based in the UK, South Africa, New Zealand and soon Asia, giving us an international presence and a global reach.

CVG specializes in the film, television, music, digital media and live event project financial advisory, management and investment activities, including transactional origination and transactional execution support compliance solutions.

CVG is a leader in the provision of financial services and investment capital for entertainment industry project finance transactions with in excess of $3B in transactional experience over the last decade.

CVG has a long history providing unique solutions and services to high value creative talent within the entertainment industry.

The CVG comprises the following entities:

Contrarian Vision Business Trust – Private Equity and Debt Sourcing & Provision

Intelligentcia Pictures Business Trust -  Film Production and Principal Counter Party

Crew and Talent United- Talent Management, Employer of Record Functionality

The Contrarian Vision Business Trust enjoys exclusive relationships on a two way basis with the following sister entities under the Business Trusts- CVG- banner.

Contrarian Tax Unit – CPA firm and registered tax agency advisory services

Transactional Integrity Management – Project Financial Compliance Support Services

The Hollywood Investor – Investor Advisory Services        

Combined with the above, CVG has strategic joint venture relationships with the following corporate groups around the world to provide its services “under one roof”:

The Moneypenny Services Group –

Worldwide production accounting and payroll group operating outside North America.        

PES Payroll Inc/The Accounting Group –

Production Accounting and Payroll Group in North America and Canada.

MydaEs – My Data Accounting Entertainment Software –

Project specific general ledger, cost management, reporting and payroll software package dedicated to the entertainment industry