F  A Q . . .

How do we work and charge for our services?

We work strictly through detailed engagement letters and/or contractual financing agreements setting out the scope and nature of our activities.

We charge either on an agreed hourly basis and/or fixed fee arrangement dependent on financial service we are providing.

Our terms are payment in cash on an agreed billing cycle.

We for some activities that involve risk exposure or that are related to performance metrics, charge on a percentage basis with payment made on or contingent upon project financial close.

We will for approved projects extend credit for services until finance close provided we are protected by- “no shop” and termination fee “turn around” covenants.

Why should you consider employing us?

We deal with many sophisticated corporations and individuals who are highly capable of independently raising capital and/or dealing with capital support management matters in house. Yet many choose to outsource this functionality to us because the savings in time and effort leave them free to focus on their projects creative vision. Our full time professional know-how and depth of experience many appreciate offer a better quality of service than can achieved through an in-house solution.

Why do some projects fail to obtain timely financing?

Entertainment projects only fail to obtain finance because of issues related to miss pricing or defects in their creative vision’s execution that in the view of the commercial market place and/or creative community impair economic value.

How do we handle containment of conflict of interest issues ?

CV is a business trust originally formed in Australia operating internationally through branch offices in the USA and soon the UK.  CV provides the access portal to our financial advisory, management and investment platforms.

CV BUSINESS TRUST operates as the primary investment banking entity actively involved in capital raising and related capital support for the entertainment project finance matters.

CV business structure through legal design and deliberate deployment modality has developed tight unique solutions to conflict of interest containment issues. In traditional CPA, Law, Investment Banking, Finance and Stock Broking firms there exist many inherent limitations due to conflict of interest containment considerations. The CVG banner includes out exclusive relationship entities that enjoy two way exclusivity. We act in areas on business exclusively for the entities specified and equally they operate in the our business sphere of operations for us. Fire Walled entities such the CPA FIRM do not engage in CV BUSINESS TRUST investment banking activities and therefore can act as independent of the transactional outcome service providers.

CV accordingly has developed our business model in light of our deep appreciation of the implications of such matters.

CV's attention to transactional detail has been purposefully woven to ensure that in relation to Securities Law, Tax Law and general business law compliance matters that the transactional conduct concerning projects we are involved in meet the highest levels expected. 

CV has evolved unique exclusive strategic joint venture relationships to ensure transactional integrity is maintained within “under one roof” oversight model. 

CV maintains at an operational level, distinct legal integrity, substantive legal independence and real world firewall protections to conflict of interest matters.