The intricacies of the entertainment industry project finance arena require experience and a global reach. We bring a matured world vision tempered by experience over a wide range of entertainment industry project financing accomplishments. As seasoned investors and experienced financial advisors we bring unique perspective to project financing.

CV provides honed transactional advisory, management and investment platforms attuned to the demands of the today’s global capital market environment.

CV has expertise in assisting private equity investors in assessment of project risks, project pricing insight, liquidity solutions, liability risk management, and transactional execution management support.

CV is recognized as a leader in the entertainment industry project financing field. We enjoy long standing relationships with capital providers including commercial banks and other senior credit providers, insurance funds, pension funds, superannuation funds, asset managers, mezzanine fund investors, and gap debt providers,

CV provides capital raising and capital market support services for a wide variety of entertainment project financing needs.

CV aims to create optimal capital structures utilizing bespoke tailored solutions designed to best suit every transaction we service.

In the context of a global capital market environment subject to impact of rapid change, having a trusted industry specific experienced advisor and investment partner with the ability to engineer innovative solutions is a game changer.

Buy Side Advisory

We represent and advise capital market providers on investment protocols, investment criteria and transactional procedures related to investment by them in debt and equity capital interest positions in entertainment industry projects. Our role as buy side advisors involved in shaping debt and equity capital provider deal criteria provides us with an insider view of the capital raising process. 

Sell Side Advisory

We represent projects in developing sell side investment structures, investment proposals, capital sourcing, capital pricing, investment proposal application advocacy and transactional execution compliance support services. We supply “sell side” capital market transaction support services to our joint venture partners with jurisdiction specific financial servicing licensing status. 

We operate on the sell side in the down sale of wholesale and retail securities relating to passive interest investments solely through our joint venture jurisdiction specific relationships with licensed financial service broker dealers.

Lenders Support Advisory Services

We have experience in assisting lender credit committees in the development of compliant financial products and related investment protocols.

Our advisory services include development of in house lender risk assessment profiles, creation of tailored investment protocols for investment criteria, economic metrics and risk aversion procedures. We offer principal counter party services and collateral asset support resource take out assistance to lenders making investment decisions.

Equity Investor Advisory Services

We have experience in assisting private equity, hedge fund, and commercial interest focused investors in risk assessment, return forecasting and valuation of equity interests in entertainment industry projects. Our advisory services include tailored- risk to reward assessments, development of investment criteria and investment protocols together with transactional monitoring services. We provide detailed advice in relation tax and accounting compliance as well as reporting obligations of equity interest investments in entertainment project financing arrangements. Pricing advice, risk mitigation structuring, liability management, liquidity solutions, and principal counter party protections are also additional services we offer.

Government and Non Profit Advisory Services

We have been and are actively involved in, advising federal, state and public bodies in a number of jurisdictions on policy, legislation, economic metrics and investment protocols in the areas of film, television and digital media. Our expertise in the areas of soft money incentive programs and tax incentive legislation has lead to us being regarded as a leading voice in relation to entertainment and media finance matters.

Non Profit advisory services in relation to entertainment project finance are another area of specialization that we offer.

Litigation Support Advisory Services

Producers, Promoters, Lenders, Investors and Talent Participants involved in entertainment industry project financing disputes require expert counsel and advice in relation to matters pertaining to their respective economic interests.

We provide dispute resolution and litigation support advice, valuation opinion and expert testimony services to clients involved in financial interests that relate to entertainment project financing.

We provide assessment of core facts and advice on strategic options as well as quantification of damages estimates.

As long standing experts in the field of entertainment project finance we bring unique values to the table in relation to such disputes. Our insight into underlying value and detailed due diligence matter know how can often provide the winning hand in what are thought to be unresolved disputes.

Advising and reporting to and for capital market constituents has been a core part of our business philosophy from our firm’s inception. We advise and report to investment banks, commercial banks, private lenders, private equity, hedge funds and other capital market constituents in relation to many entertainment project finance and management matters.

Our experience in the area of capital market support service is an essential deal value that we bring to every project finance plan. In the current capital market environment shaped by increasing regulatory oversight our advisory and management transactional support platforms offer significant levels of commercial comfort to clients. We have a proven history of providing objective, experienced and analytical services that our clients can depend upon.

                     We provide the following- Capital Market Support Services:

1.       Assessment of entertainment project finance economic feasibility 

2.      Development of capital structures and related financial modeling in support of a transactional choice. We offer entertainment industry specific metrics and niche platform capital asset pricing models.

3.     Professional Valuation Opinions for the deal collateral in the areas of tax and soft money incentive contributions accepted by Completion Bonders and Lenders.

c       Creation and development of project business plans to aid project financing. 

5.      Development of and advice related to creation of complementary finance proposals, deal memorandums, private placement memorandums and private or public prospectus materials.

1.     Project finance related asset and collateral assessment valuations for lenders and equity capital market constituents

 Transactional Integrity Management services in relation to due diligence verification, compliance support and transactional execution. We provide complete “cradle to grave” transactional oversight management and reporting services, including our unique Principal Counter Party assumption.

3.      Taxation advice and compliance support services in relation to income tax, capital gains tax, sales tax, employee tax and general tax compliance obligations, at both the Federal and State level.

 Advocacy of client proposals made to soft money, debt and active private equity providers in support of applications for capital and/o government investment.

1.     Escrow agent trust account services in relation to the collection of tax incentives, soft money investments and other deal related revenue and capital cash flow assets.

Production accounting, payroll and employer of record services and functionality including the provision of MydaEs project software provides general ledger, cost management reporting and payroll.