We offer the following range of integrated capital market support services.

Principal Counter Party Assumption

Counter Party functionality is a unique solution we have developed specifically to meet the unique challenge of the entertainment project finance arena. Our principal assumption services in this modality effectively lower transactional risk to lenders and investors alike whilst providing lower transaction pricing to participating projects. The ability to provide high levels of professional compliance capability whilst lowering risk and liability exposure is a winning strategy in the current capital market environment.

Liability Management

We offer clients complete mitigation of liability solutions that remove them from direct exposure obligations to debt and equity capital providers.

Our liability management solutions are designed to mitigate contractual and tort liability exposures to employees and from general project business activities.

Freedom from direct deal risk exposures together with savings from reduced capital market costs of interest and profit sharing making this a highly valued business strategy solution.

Project Production Accounting Services

Through our strategic joint venture relationships with The Accounting Group (TAG) in the USA and the Moneypenny Group in relation to the rest of world, we can bring a global access of project production accounting services. Our ability in concert with our joint venture partners to provide globally capable project accounting software and accounting service support staff is a significant strategic in house financial advisory service we offer clients and fellow project participants. Our wrist length in house involvement in the production accounting systems design and active execution access provide superior reporting and compliance standards.

Federal and State/Provincial Body Statutory Application Advisory

A critical part of any modern day entertainment project finance proposal is the need for Federal and State Body approvals on a wide range of matters. Our depth of experience as policy advisors to such organizations in relation to soft money incentives and tax legislation gives us a cutting edge view of the levels of oversight now facing all such applications.

The filing of applications, preparation of supportive due diligence material and skilled advocacy concerning application content is a primary advisory service we offer.

Given the penalties involved and commercial values at risk the work involved is always significant in scope, nature and implication.

We bring professional status, state of the art know how and strong public body relationships to the table to provide clients with superior outcomes as well as comfort to capital market partners who must rely on the product of such applications.

Many capital market providers today insist upon direct expert involvement in the due diligence and application processes as a key comfort requirement for their transactional protection. Our engagement in the application and advocacy processes protects transactions from adverse implications by increasingly wary market savvy capital providers

Loss of or delay in obtaining full benefits can be avoided by our early involvement in the application filing and advocacy processes. We enjoy a pristine transactional record but we are aware of adverse outcomes that have occurred primarily due to inappropriate filing conduct.

Global Payroll Service Capability

Through our strategic joint venture relationships with PES Payroll in the USA and the Money Penny Group in relation to the rest of world, we bring a global payroll service capability to every project financing we service.  Payroll accounting and employee risk management is a significant financial compliance issue that impacts employee and employer alike. Our unique service model allows us on a global basis to service the payroll needs of project we are involved with. Our services include immigration compliance servicing and our leading real time virtual time clock capability found in “hours to gross” software.  No other firms in the entertainment project advisory space possess the seamless global cross border payroll capabilities that we enjoy through our joint venture partner service paradigm.

Employer of Record Functionality

In the USA through PES Payroll we offer employer or record payroll service functionality and worker compensation liability mitigation.

In the rest of world through CV Business Trust entity Crew & Talent United we also offer employer of record payroll service functionality as a service paradigm. The principal benefits of this approach pertain to the segmentation of payroll service taxation compliance risk and common law contract and tort liability risk that would otherwise adversely impact a project’s capital market risk assessment. Long term we also see labor rate saving potential flowing from employer of record economies of scale.

MYDAES - Project Based Accounting Software

MYDAES stands for My Data Accounting Entertainment Software and is a project accounting software purpose built for the needs of entertainment industry project accounting.  We have direct access through our joint venture relationship to the MYDAES software and web based reporting platform.

MYDAES has direct application for film, television, music, gaming, theatre, digital media and sport event production accounting needs. A point of difference with other accounting software lies in the data ownership model referenced in the name of the product. MYDAES vests data access and ownership in the hands of the client user not the accounting software or accounting service providers. Significant capital investment since 2007 has made this software now the only viable option for cross border project management for entertainment projects with a global footprint. Our ability to tap through our Joint Venture into the data stream available through MYDAES gives us a special transactional compliance and data mining capability.